Stolen from the womb


“A stranger cut me and took my unborn child”. The story begins six months ago on the 1 June to Sol Angela, a bright eyes 24 years old eight months pregnant. The night Sol Angela stumbled in to the village clutching her bloody little girl’s hand as tight as the gaping wound in her belly, there was a whole in her belly, the was a whole host of people who simply didn’t believe what she told them.


She was heartbeat from death and her voice was weak from loos of blood, but there was no doubting what she said: “Someone has cut me open and taken my baby “. My next memory is walking up in a field . it was Nicole her little daughter that was with her at the moment ,witness the horrific fact, she shacked and woke her mother up.


“I was naked but Nicole found my dress near by and help me to put it on. I couldn’t have moved without her. She’s my angel. She saved my live”. At first the police couldn’t believe it either. Colombia , where there are more than 3.500 reported kidnaps a year, it is unusual for a children  to be adducted. But form the womb? The baby been found 24 hours later in the hands of  37 year old woman. She was upset at losing her boyfriend , she was desperate and unhappy. In order to  hock the  boyfriend she told him several time that she was pregnant, but she had no signs.

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