Bloco da Lama


The traditional ‘Bloco da Lama’ Block of Mud this year celebrates the 20th anniversary.

The Block of Mud group got down to performe getting dirty in the mud on Jabaquara beach in the city of Paraty, 163 miles (263 kilometers) from Rio de Janeiro.  Even the city’s name has the connotation of revelry minus a vowel, but it’s actually pronounced as Par-a-CHEE. Among other things, people dress up as cave men, with hand-made masks cover themselves with mud and parade through the streets during the carnival festivities, which run throughout Brazil until February 6th. Carnivals ‘Blocos’ are typically associated with a particular neighbourhood or suburb and they revolve around music and dancing, and also Bloco da Lama have their own peculiar twist — in this case it’s all about the mud. Paraty is a small colonial town on the west coast of Rio de Janeiro. With beautiful beaches and undisturbed nature it boasts more than 400 years of history.

During the colonial times Paraty was overflowing with painters, poets and intellectuals. The enchanting architecture and tranquil life continue to attract artists world-wide to this day. The cobblestone streets and colonial architecture continues to inspire all forms of artworks. Paraty is surrounded by many natural parks including Serra da Bocaina National Park, Serra do Mar State Park, the Park Reserve of Joatinga and the Environmentally Protected Area of Cairuçu, where the village of Trindade is located.

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