Emeralds Maines


Colombia is a place where there are 3.500 kidnaps per here, but to steal a baby from the womb it was an unusual one. The sad unique story hat happen on June 1 2004. Sol Angel Cartagena 24-year old had taken her youngest daughter Nicole year old to the hospital for a check up.


It was around 9,15 when Nicole saw the doctor. Than she had to wait to  book another appointment. She was thirsty and Nicole needed the toilet . she says. So she left the bag of water that she bought from the cafeteria and took Nicole to the toilet. When she got back the water had been poured into a plastic cup, The was not need to be suspicious. Earlier she had been chatting to anther woman who had ask ed her how pregnant she was. Sol Angela  had told her eight months.


Almost immediately after drinking the water she recalls that she become light headed and her vision become blurred. Her next memory was of weakling up in the field. “Nicole was shaking me and gently slapping my face saying: “Mummy wake up. We have to go home It’s getting dark.’ I could feel I had been beaten over my eye down my side, my arm and my back. I didn’t come to all at one. It was little by little. I felt dizzy. Then I reached down and touched my belly and the was nothing there”.

Sol Angela was lying in a clearing woods an hour’s walk away form the hospital.”I was naked but Nicole found my dress near by and help me put it on. Then Nicole said ‘Mummy, that woman took the baby out put him in the towel and run away”.

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