With all the difficult economic problem of the USA embargo, Cuba celebrates this year the 56tiest anniversary of the revolution.


Traveled by car and give “Botella” (which means in a Cuba slang  Hitch-hiking ) to more then 300 people a I have lessened the stories of Doctors, nurses, dentists, peasant, police, students, economists, musicians, world boxing champions and so many more … All in the same boat. The most common words were “Estoy en la lucha” (I’m in the fight) and  “No e’ fácil” (is not easy). Despite the difficult economic situation the Cubans never loose the happy spirit to enjoy the moment. But more then ever they hope for some change.


Raul Castro that replaced his brother Fidel has head of the state I the 2008 have try to give a breath to the citizen adapting some reforms… but the hope of change came on December 17th 2014 when the united state president Barak Obama announced that Cuba and U.S official would work to establishing embassies in Havana and Washington. The U.S. would relax the restriction on travel, trade, agriculture export and financial transactions.

The U.S.  State Department would also review Cubas status as a stare sponsor of terrorism. On the same day President Raul Castro in a cautious speech confirmed the rapprochement and praised the step taken by President Obama.

Obama has the legal authority to immediately measures he announced. But he left the issue of formally lifting the trade embargo up to the US congress where opposition is accepted.


Some agency already starts to advertising that Cuba should be visited before the influx of the Yankees.

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