London Lovers



London is the world’s most cosmopolitan city, a dynamic, post-national metropolis of immigrants, transients, incomers and outgoers. Londoners speak over 300 languages, the city is home to more than 50 non-indigenous communities with populations of 10,000 or more and it’s becoming more not less diverse. As Londoners, we are intimately engaged in the most ambitious, most exciting social experiment ever undertaken. What we are witnessing is the birth, here and now, of a new, 21st century cosmopolis.


People from all continents, all walks of life, all races and nationalities are meeting and mingling in London. Brought here by war, oppression, family or just plain opportunity, what keeps them here is the love they find, on the one hand for London’s tolerance and openness, its dynamism and creativity and on the other, for the love they discover for each other. People who would have no prospect of meeting in the places they came from, or whose love for each other would be forbidden by religious, ethnic or political taboos, can come together In love in London.


Uniquely in the world, London allows and fosters that love without judging it.  Among those portrayed are a Spanish man and his Venezuelan lover who were one of the first gay couples to take advantage of the UK’s new laws on gay ‘marriages’, a Nigerian woman married to a Tibetan man, a Muslim living with a Catholic, a white South African with a Colombian who is spat at when they visit the man’s hometown in South Africa. Diverse and with a huge range of experience, they are nonetheless bound by one great, uniting truth. They are all London lovers.

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