The Harborside Health Center is the most influent cannabis club in California. Some numbers are still difficult to check dua to legal matters, but they pay over 100.000 in taxes every month. The first and only club to test all the herb in labs to determine potency, different cannabinols and check for mold.

The owner, Stephen DeAngelo, is a legendary activist, one of the original members on the first public pot smoking in front of the white house in the 70’s. He uses Harborside as a tool to raise money and awereness to the marijuana issue. From Harborside, a landline operates all day with volunteers calling politicians and prison inmates charged on marijuana possession.

Harborside sells more than 100 varieties, on many forms: herb, concentrates, liquid, edibles… Attends more than 15.000 registred clients. And has programs to give medicine for free to low income people.