Lap Dance


Lap dancing clubs in Britain continuing to rise, the number has doubled to 300 in just four years. Since the Licensing Act came into force the lap dancing clubs could rapidly be opened as easily as a karaoke bar or a coffee shop. Until that time they needed a special nudity license.


It’s the kind of loophole the sex industry must have been dreaming of. The success of the business is spreading around the country, opening at a rate of one each week.


Recently, the government had stared to deal with it by reclassifying Lap dancing club as  “sex encounter” .In the meantime there is a massive demand for these clubs, which the show involves woman’s body marketed to men. The statistic shows that 1 in 10 men confess that has visited a prostitute, a brothel, watch pornography on internet. Also a stag party seems to be part of the process.  This is not surprising when you consider that the sex industry is more relaxed and accepted than ever.