The cowboy priest


Yes, this cowboy is a priest. With its hinterland masses, Alessandro Campos snatched thousands of faithful in Brasilia. Now, releasing CD for a major label and planning a church shaped hat to 30,000 people, he wants to conquer the whole Brazil


Tec tec tec. The sound heralded the arrival of our interviewee. Were his leather boots playing in the hotel’s granite floor. Clean to the extreme, with a sweet-smelling, white hat, belt buckle, brand Diesel watch, plaid shirt and tight jeans, cowboy that nearly 2 m high appeared to be anything but what it is. King of the rodeo? Soya baron? A model, as found Zeze di Camargo singer when you met him? Not at all. Alessandro Campos is “the first and only backcountry priest from Brazil,” according to him.


“What comes next is copy. Who does not want a good idea like that? But I want to see them do the same. Have to have content, history “he says.