The magic of the cinema


On the road around the state of Minas Gerais, Brazil.

Meeting old people of one town is an attempt to know the past and the history of this place. In the inner cities of Brazil, the search is also by cultures, traditions and lifestyles that have been lost over time. When visiting the houses and getting to know the elderlies life history, we were shown places, objects and memories full of experience and feelings that could never be contemplated by a history book. Recover, or at least reach this past is one of the concerns of the “Magia do Cinema” project.

Starting from Belo Horizonte, the itinerant project “Magia do Cinema” carries out free movies sessions in small towns where there are no theaters or Cinemas. In an attempt to enhance the local culture, the project produces a documentary film about the town made from testimony of residents, which is displayed during the session.